Artificial Grass

If you're looking for a beautiful lawn with minimal maintenance, artificial grass is the ideal choice. There are a lot of elements to keep in mind when selecting artificial grass, including appearance, texture, safety, durability, and weather resistance. 

Not all artificial grass is created equal. 

All 'Always Green' products meet 'The Grass Standard' quality mark. The Grass Standard sets the benchmark for quality, performance, comfort and value in artificial grass. 

If you are considering investing in an artificial lawn, don't risk being left with an inferior product. Instead, ask yourself: "Does my choice of artificial grass match The Grss Standard?" 

Always Green is always made in Britain. 

Always Green products are made in Britain by the world's leading supplier of artificial grass yarn so therefore we can guarantee the provenance of our artificial grass.

Always Green always has the realistic look of genuine grass.

Due to its unique yarn mix, ribbed light reflection technology and category leading stitch rates giving real body for the realistic look of grass. 

Always Green is always made from 100% Polyethylene.

This creates a softer feel yet sturdy structure to maximise 'bouncebackability'. Cheaper artificial grasses tend to add the less-expensive polypropylene into their blend, leaving a course, plastic feel and slower ability to return back to that perfect look.

Always Green is always tested to rigorous durability standards.

The technology used to create our yarn has been certified to meet the strict criteria of professional organisations like FIFA, the IRB and FIH - ensuring extreme durability. 

Always Green is always guaranteed against UV damage for 10 years.

Much like real grass, artificial grass can be damaged by sunlight; lower-quality artificial grass becomes brittle and misshapen after exposure to the sun. Always Greens UV protection exceeds EU standards, so it stays soft and looks good for longer. 

Always Green always uses a high quality backing cloth.

Our backing cloths ensure that once laid the artificial grass remains supple and strong to exceed the typical rigorous of domestic use.

Always Green always uses premium latex backing.

A high-quality, latex-coated backing layer eliminates movement and slippage and has the strength to handle the stresses of high volume usage. Inferior products will use fillers to add weight compromising the products durability.