We stock a wide range of gravel products in small poly bags and bulk bags. Bulk bags of gravel start from £51.00 including VAT.

We strongly recommend that customers view gravel products before purchasing as colours shown in these pictures are for guidelines only. 

Visit our Garden Centre to see the full range of gravel products available.


Please note: Aggregates are extracted from the earths surface and are not man made. They frequently vary in size and colour and will normally contain sand and dust, which will eventually wash away. Some gravels are harder than others, some may have natural flaws. As a company we strive to source the best products possible but please be aware of this before purchasing. When size is stated in description, this is a nominal size. 


You can order gravel in store or by calling 0131-665-9299. 

Polybag approx 20-25kg. Each will cover a third of a square metre at 25mm deep.

Bulk bag approx 800-900kg. Each will cover between 10 and 12 square metres at 25mm deep.

There are approximately 36 polybags in one bulk bag. 


Please note that the following are only a selection of the products we have on offer!

To view our full range please stop by or give us a call.

All prices include VAT.

0131 665 9299

Gravel Pave 1

Gravel Pave


Pea Gravel 10mm Down

washed gravel

Washed Gravel 20mm Down


Strawberry Blend 20mm Down

Keith Blue1

Keith Blue 20mm Down

Limestone 20mm Dry

White Limestone 20mm Down

Moray Gold

Moray Gold 20mm Down


Gleneagles Quartz 20mm Down

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz 20mm Down

Cotswold 10-20mm Wet

Cotswold Buff 20mm Down


Lanark Red 20mm Down


Lanark Red 14mm Down

Yorkshire Cream 15-30mm Wet

Blonde Flint 20mm Down

Golden Gravel 20mm

Golden Gravel 20mm Down

Corn Flint 20mm Wet

Gold Flint 20mm Down


This gravel is currently sourced from a different location and colours may vary from picture/previous orders.

Corn Flint 10mm Dry

Gold Flint 10mm Down


This gravel is currently sourced from a different location and colours may vary from picture/previous orders.

Charcoal Slate

Charcoal Slate 20mm Down

Blue Slate 40mm Dry

Blue Slate 20mm Down

Green Slate Wet

Green Slate 20mm Down

Plum Slate 40mm Wet

Plum Slate 20mm Down

Green 14mm Dry

Welsh Green Granite 20mm

Oyster 20mm Dry

Sea Shore 20mm Down (Oyster)


Leadmore Marble 14mm Down


Leadmore Marble 20mm Down

Multi-Mix 8-11mm Wet

Multi Mix 10mm Down

20191002_163718 (1)

Black Bassalt 20mm Down

Polar White 20mm Dry

Polar White 20mm Down

polar white 10mm

Polar White 10mm Down

Flamingo 14-20mm Wet

Flamingo White Chippings 20mm Down

Flamingo Pebbles 20-50mm Wet

Flamingo Pebbles 40mm Down

Onyx 20mm Wet

Onyx 20mm Down


Currently unavailable

Apricot New DRY 14 - 22mm

Apricot Pebbles 20mm Down

White Pebbles 20-40mm Dry

Spanish White Pebbles 40mm Down

White Cobbles Dry

White Cobbles 60-80mm


Beach Pebbles 50mm Down

2016-06-13 10.29.47-600x337

Beach Pebbles 80mm Down

Beach Pebbles 30mm

Beach Pebbles 30mm Down

Beach Pebbles 20mm

Beach Pebbles 20mm Down

Beach Pebbles 14mm

Beach Pebbles 14mm Down