Click-Clack Tiles

The versatile, dynamic decking tile solution that simply clicks together.


  • No Skill Required
  • Quick & Easily Installed
  • Hides Cracked Concrete Surfaces
  • Extremely Low Maintenance
  • Excellent Drainage Ability 

Please note that the following are only a selection of the products we have on offer!

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Natural Travertine Grey Deck Tile

Natural Travertine Grey Tile

Price: £ 9.20
Natural Travertine Decking Tile

Natural Travertine Beige Tile

Price: £ 9.20
Natural Travertine Mosaic Deck Tile

Natural Mosaic Travertine Tile

Price: £ 8.23
Natural Slate Deck Tile

Natural Slate Tile

Price: £ 9.20
Composite Wood Deck Tile

Wood Composite Deck Tile

Price: £ 6.99
Composite Wood Deck Tile Light

Wood Composite Deck Tile Light

Price: £ 6.99
Grey Natural Slate Deck Tile

Natural Grey Slate Tile

Price: £ 8.28
Artificial Grass Deck Tile

Artificial Grass Tile

Price: £ 6.99
Natural Granite Deck Tile

Natural Granite Tile

Price: £ 9.20
Ceramic Deck Tile Light

Ceramic Deck Tile

Price: £ 7.36
Ceramic Deck Tile Peach

Ceramic Deck Tile Peach

Price: £ 7.36
Rubber Deck Tile 2

Rubber Deck Tile Dark

Price: £ 13.81
Rubber Deck Tile

Rubber Deck Tile Red

Price: £ 13.81

Tile Corner Trim

Price: £ 0.99

Available in multiple colours


Tile Edge Trim

Price: £ 2.49