Utility Slabs

StretRyt.pngRyton & Stretton Slabs

  • Ryton and Stretton are both non decorative utility paving slabs which are approximately 32mm thick. 
  • Both varieties are available in 3 colours - grey, red and buff. 
  • They are also both available in 2 sizes - 450x450 and 600x600* 
  • Stretton slabs have a lightly stippled top face which is slip resistant.
  • Ryton slabs have a riven top face. 
  • We strongly recommend that customers view paving slabs before purchasing as colours shown in these pictures are for guidelines only.

Please note that the following are only a selection of the products we have on offer!

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buff stretton


450 x 450 x 32 £4.10

Available in Grey, Red & Buff

600 x 600 x 38 £7.55

Available in Grey & Buff

ryton red


450 x 450 x 32 £4.35

Available in Grey, Red & Buff

600 x 600 x 38 £7.60

Available in Grey & Buff